BG has conferred Gym Mark status on OGC

Since June 2007 the club has been officially recognised by British Gymnastics as providing a safe, effective and child-friendly environment for young gymnasts.

During 2007 we assembed the necessary documentation, and where appropriate made minor changes to our organisation and procedures, to submit a portfolio for examination by British Gymnastics.  Our folder was assessed by BG, and passed all the Gym Mark modules  Achieving Gym Mark also qualifies the club for Sport England's Club Mark accreditation.

Certain elements of the Gym Mark documentation, such as the Training Schedule and Development Plan, are living documents that are regularly updated, and so there is an annual BG validation of our documentation. After four years there is a full re-assessment by British Gymnastics to ensure that the club continues to meet the stringent requirements of Gym Mark.

Gym Mark documentation store

Our open management philosophy is for all OGC documentation, with the exception of private and confidential items such as the members' personal details, to be available for public scrutiny, so the majority of our Gym Mark documentation will soon be available for viewing here.