OGC Facilities

The club's gymnasts are trained in the four Women's Artistic Gymnastic disciplines of Floor, Vault, Asymmetric Bars and Balance Beam, so a typical training session will see the equipment for all four pieces in use simultaneously. 

Floor:  We have a full size roll-up floor, supplied by Gymnova.  This is used for warm-up, floor routine practise, and by the Display Team to develop and practise their public displays. 
We also have a separate tumble run on which to practise acrobatic moves, and often deploy a third area of floor that can be used for conditioning or to keep younger gymnasts separate. 

Vault:  We typically have two vaulting positions set up with appropriate run up and landing areas.  One is equipped with the traditional open legged vaulting horse, the other with a Janssen-Fritsen FIG approved competition vaulting table.  They are both are adjustable for height, and are set up appropriate to the needs and capabilities of the group of gymnasts using them.  Both spring-boards and trampettes are available, and again are used as appropriate. 

Bars:  The sports hall is equipped with mounting positions for two sets of bars.  We usually train with two sets of Janssen-Fritsen competition asymmetric bars, used to develop and practise bar routines, but we can also replace one of them with a single high bar (height adjustable) to develop and practise individual bar skills.  Additionally, we have a set of free standing infant bars, used by our youngest gymnasts.  All sets of bars have the required under-bar matting and landing areas. 

Beam:  We generally have two Gymnova full size (5m) beams set up with appropriate matting, mounting and dismounting facilities.  These beams are height adjustable from 0.9m to 1.3m.  We also have several low and floor beams available to enable gymnasts to progressively develop their beam skills in safety. 

Additional safety matting and padding, from Ceetex, Gymnova and Continental Sports, is always available and is used when and where appropriate. 

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